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CT BookSwap

connecticut bookswap
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I don't know about you, but I have shelves and shelves of books I've read and loved, yet will probably never re-read. You always want to make sure that a book you love gets a good home. I've donated books to shelters, to libraries, and traded books in at used book stores... but now, I was hoping to try something new, a new way to recycle books.

Make posts using the following format:
Hi, I am:
From (City/Town):
Book Title:
Teaser: (here you may want to copy the paragraph on the back of the book or the inside cover)
Condition: (note here if the cover is falling off or if the bottom is warped from reading in the bathtub, etc)
Cover Picture: (optional) You may want to scan the cover or try to get a picture of the cover online (try Amazon.com).
What I want in exchange: (note here if you are looking for a specific book/author/genre, or if you are open to suggestions)
How far I am willing to travel: (This could be a great opportunity to make new friends. Note here how far from home you would travel, if you would prefer someone come to you, or if you would prefer doing everything via mail).

I'm open to suggestions. I'd like this community to grow via word-of-mouth, not annoying spamming, so please, tell your friends!