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Ok, so this community has been quiet for way too long, so I am putting a book up for grabs.

Hi, I am: T.S.
From (City/Town): Manchester, CT (but I live in Astoria, NY currently)
Author: Heidi Mattson
Teaser: Heidi Mattson grew up poor in rural Maine, and her whole town applauded when Brown University accepted her. But school and living expenses carried a price she couldn't pay by waiting tables and cleaning houses. A chance ad brought her to The Foxy Lady, a strip club not far from campus. Swearing she would stay only as long as she didn't feel compromised, she soon became one of the club's top attractions. Heidi faced the ridicule and hypocrisy of her wealthy college peers, but her ultimate hurdle was yet to come: Could she reveal her secret life to her parents after years of deception? Ivy League Stripper is the compelling, poignant, and outrageously true story of one woman's extraordinary adventure in the marble halls of the Ivy League and the world of topless dancing.
Condition: brand spanking new
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What I want in exchange: If you have anything dark fantasy-esque, send it my way. I like a lot of vamp, werewolf, witch stuff but I'm open-minded. Suggest something to me if you have something you're looking to get rid of. If you don't have anything I'm into, but still want the book, that's fine too.
How far I am willing to travel: I have to send this via the mail, since I live all the way in Astoria and it would cost more to come home than it would to buy you the book off Amazon.

Please note that I did not buy this book and read it. I saw it on the take shelves (aka free books) at work and thought it was something that seemed interesting and knew I could probably find someone who would want to read it (which is why it is in great condition). want, you take. Is fun. :)

BTW, we need to get this community hoppin! It's dead dead deadsky in here.

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Hi, I'm Marie, and I'm a CT book fiend! Just wanted to post and say I fully support this endeavor! Not sure how much I can participate though, because I am the type that once I read a book or own a book, I just add it to my growing library if just to have books all around me :) But I am quite intrigued.

Someone asked for ideas to make the site more popular? I guess, by use.

It's difficult to find that book in the rough by trading something that you're not into. I'm sure we all have multiple books that could be good for this "program". So why not also promote books in general instead of individually?

I.e. People who join the group, introduce self and say what kind of books you are looking to read and what you are willing to trade -- In specific or in genre. AKA

"Hi, my name is Marie. I'm in Eastern CT and I am looking to trade books on horror, occult, and european history for some of the same."
"Hi, I'm Mercy, in Southington. I have a lot of general young adult fiction books but I'm looking for some poetry collections. Any takers/givers?"

Just my two pennies!
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I am - Liz, you should know me by now!
I am from - Manchester

The book is "Eleanor Rigby" by Douglas Coupland.

It is one of his more fictiony-novely books, but if you're a fan, I highly reccomend reading it. If you've never read him, let me reccomend another book to start off with, though. Please comment.

The book is in near-perfect condition, the only imperfections are that I dog-ear pages while I'm reading, and that the book is an "advanced reading copy" which doesn't mean much except that it hasn't gone through the final stages (final editing, the addition of ads and reviews, etc).

I would take any good book in return, but I am hoping for "Souveniers of Canada", also by Douglas Coupland.

I have no cover picture, sorry.
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hi, i'm liz.
i'm from manchester.

book = a map to the next world
author = joy harjo
teaser = this is a collection of short stories and poems. it wasn't all fantastic and it wasn't something you would read cover-to-cover, but i really liked certain parts of it and think other people would, too.

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condition ... i may have turn a few corners down, but it is in good condition.

i want... anything. this is a small book so i would be willing to include it as part of a bigger swap.

i would travel -- negotiable. talk to me about it.
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Hi, I am: Liz (I made this community)

From (City/Town): Manchester (CT)

Book Title: Break Blow Burn
Author: Camille Baglia

**Please note that I have never read this book. I bought it at a discount book sale because it had an intersting looking cover. I am not personally reccomending it, but it looks interesting to me.**

Teaser: From Publishers Weekly
The still-vocal critic of Sexual Personae, a book that drew on poetry and painting for its de-deconstructions of gender, checks in with an anthology of 43 poems, along with her own close readings of them. Her introduction offers a jumble of justifications for undertaking such a project (though she is "unsure whether the West's chaotic personalism can prevail against the totalizing creeds that menace it," she hopes it will), but the readings themselves reveal Paglia's fascination with poetry, which she likens "to addiction or to the euphoria of being in love." The book's first half presents canonical work that Paglia has found "most successful in the classroom" (Shakespeare, Blake, Dickinson, etc.). The second features mostly canonical modernist and confessional work (Stevens, Williams, Toomer, Roethke and Plath), with a few more recent pieces. Clocking in mostly at two to four pages, Paglia's readings sound a lot like classroom preambles to discussion—offering background, lingering over provocative lines, venturing provisional interpretations. Some of what she says comes off as grandiose (Roethke's " 'Cuttings' is a regrounding of modern English poetry in lost agrarian universals"), some as boilerplate, some as inspired. Though hit-and-miss, Paglia's picks and appraisals provide the requisite spark for jump-starting returns to poetry. (Apr. 1)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Condition: Brand new. Paperback.

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What I want in exchange: Anything. I would also include this as a "freebie" with any other trade.

How far I am willing to travel: Talk to me, we'll find out.
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I beat Liz to it.

Hi, I am: T.S.
From (City/Town): Well I'm from Manchester, CT but I live in Astoria, Queens (NYC)
Book Title: Those Who Walk In Darkness
Author: John Ridley
Teaser: Taken from
When a supervillain wastes San Francisco in this high-octane futuristic thriller from screenwriter Ridley (The Drift), the U.S. decides to expel all "metanormals" within its borders. Those who choose to remain are hunted down by MTacs, police units who only have one job-kill the freaks. It isn't a terribly original premise-Batman fans will recognize the influence of Frank Miller's seminal graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns-but that's fine, because a premise is all it is, and Ridley knows it. Soledad O'Roark, a 26-year-old MTac and an engineering genius, has a virulent hatred of metanormals. Her tale is one of unremitting darkness, and from early on it's easy to tell it won't have a happy ending. For all the bleakness, though, Ridley makes it hard not to pull for Soledad. Readers will find themselves torn between sympathy, empathy, pity and disgust, often on the same page. With its lavish fight scenes, the book was clearly written with an eye on film adaptation. Yet Ridley, whose Hollywood credits include work on Three Kings and Undercover Brother, knows how to make his story work both as a novel and as a proto-screenplay. And as a novel, it works very well indeed. -- Publishers Weekly
Condition: Practically brand new
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What I want in exchange: Something with vampires, werewolves, or of that nature...or any other kind of fantasy-ish type book that you might think I would enjoy judging by my profile.
How far I am willing to travel: Eh...into Manhattan. Or to the mailbox. Oh no! This is CT Bookswap. Am I still allowed to be a member? I sometimes come back to CT for visits.